carlos | 2010-01-27

We are back in 2010 with new concert dates, check them, and be sure to come to a live session sometime these foggy winter days, it'll do wonders to you :)

We're working on the vocal recordings of the second album, hopefully you'll soon be able to listen to some previews.

The bandleader has released his personal website, at the moment it's hungarian only, but nevertheless you can listen to a lot of tunes from his discography, check csordasgabor.hu

So see you hopefully soon!

Christmas concert

carlos | 2009-12-20

Our last show this year will take place at Cökxpon Ambient Café, on the 23rd of December, from 21:00

We'll play last after some Lemons, the live acts from the Lemonheart netlabel: http://www.lemonheart.org

Expect some group improvisations, and our new songs with Napsugár, from our upcoming second album!
for a teaser, you could listen to a recorded improvisation from our last rehearsal:

Or if you still need more, you could check the promo video of the party here:


See you there, if not for some reason, then Silence Factory is wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Okt. 22. SOTE gólyabál!

admin | 2009-10-02

Thanks for all you people listening to yesterdays concert, it was really fun! Next time we're playing at the SOTE gólyabál, which is sort of a private event, but still, if you happen to be there, don't miss the show!

Oct.1. Cökxpon!!

admin | 2009-09-27

Our next concert will be at Cökxpon Ambient Café on the first of October, which is located near Boráros tér, the exact address is Soroksári út 8-10. We start around 22:30 but concerts start from 21:00, as there'll be three live acts performing from the Lemonheart netlabel to present some quality electronic music, so this'll be one eventful night for sure.
The place: www.cokxponambient.hu

The program:

io.naut (IDM,electronica) myspace.com/ionaut

Alpakka (downtempo set) alkappa.googlepages.com

Silence Factory

Sonic Entropy (breakbeat, d'n'b) myspace.com/sentropy

After the concerts Topsawyer is spinning:

See you there!


admin | 2009-09-27

We're proud to present the formation of the Lemonheart netlabel - which plans to supply quality electronic music.
At the moment they are reachable on myspace http://myspace.com/lemonheartlabel
Among other members, they are featuring releases from three of our band members' own projects, Carlos, Alpakka and Peti.
On our next concert, three live acts will play from the label roster to give you a clue of the variety of styles which you could find in their releases.

Second album and downloads

admin | 2009-09-27

Nowadays the band is working hard on the second album, you could soon be listening to some previews on myspace. It's going to be a bit more poppish, tighter, funker, than the first was. We're playing a few songs in the live show, nevertheless they'll sound different on the studio version.

We have made the first album available as a free download in the music section among with some unreleased promo songs we did with Napsugár, and live recordings from our last concert in Gödör.

We are back :)

admin | 2009-09-27

Dear listeners we're back after a long period of silence, so from now on it's worth to come visit us more often on the web. We offer some free downloads and more information, so check the site out! :)

Concerts at Kamra and Csömör

carlos | 2008-05-16

New concerts on the horizon:
24th of May, Kamra klub, Budapest, 21:00
13th of June, Csömör Művház, Csömör, 21:00

Both gigs are free to visit, see you there!

Christmas and other nice stuff

carlos | 2007-12-24

First we wish you a peaceful Christmas, have some fun with the family, and relax.. :)
Next we'd like to thank everyone who made it possible to finish our album - We're happy about it to say the least..
Chances are that you'll be able to get the downloadable .mp3 versions from itunes and similar places in january sometime, and cd order will be available in the usa as well.
We're still looking for distribution in rest of the world, so until that, you'll be able to get cds on concerts in Hungary, but we'll inform you about any news on the webpage.
See you in 2008!

After Music club, dec. 15 21:00

carlos | 2007-12-10

We're playing with Mantra Porno on the date above. The entry is free, so feel free to join for our last show of the year. We'll play second, so the estimated start of the show is about 11:00 - 11:30
The place is located in Nyár u. 6. the former Marco Polo pub, between Astoria and Blaha.
check out mantraporno at http://www.mantraporno.hu while the place is http://www.aftermusicclub.hu
Hopefully see each other there!